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            東莞市優科印刷材料有限公司 設為首頁 | 添加收藏
              當前位置:東莞市優科印刷材料有限公司 > 公司簡介
            紙張UV光、啞油系列 (22)
            水性光、啞油系列 (9)
            膠黏劑系列 (6)
            特種薄膜專用光、啞油 (5)
            油性光油系列 (0)
            成功案例 (8)

            Dongguan city yoke print material Co., Ltd. establish on 2011, located in beautiful Dongguan under the silver bottle mountain while being surging for Dongguan to shut, by mountain of Goddess of Mercy; Been absorbed in the paper UV coating all the time since establishing, the coating of swimming skill, bind pharmaceutical, research and development and production of industry diluent agent; Mainly serve the plastics (glue), the packages printing, electron, five metals in field of electroplating and processing etc..
            It is at the beginning of for company to establish, aim to inherit " cooperate in, develop ", make every effort, establish a long-term one, good strategic partnership with customer, maintain the competition advantages of product quality and price, the quality demand for following up and catering to the customer constantly, urgent customer is worried. Operate and keep good sincerity, mutual benefit, understands mutually and gentle psychology in commercial affair, gain numerous customers' trust, become partner and friend sharing in trouble, products from market, especially South China, the South district occupy certain share. Abide by forever:
            Develop green actively, environmentally safe products, take customer as the direction, solve the needing of the customer
            The company has a vigorous team, the staff unite as one, the style is substantiating one's own professional knowledge rigorously and constantly, because it is our service aim to meet customer's demand, in researching and developing technology, have scientific research strength of domestic famous universities such as Wuhan University, Harbin polytechnical university, Zhongshan University,etc., introduce the leading technical support in foreign trades such as U.S.A., Germany, Japan,etc. at the same time.
            In future day, yoke people Willing to work with friends from all walks of life together with the progress, create brilliant!


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